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A warm welcome to this website which is fully dedicated to LAVA. No, not that hot stuff vulcanos tend to spit when they get angry. This site is about the Dutch Hardrock band LAVA. In fact the band has had several eruptions ..... again! It won't get quiet for any time soon! LAVA currently is red-hot as never before!

Curious now? Well, frankly "You should!" This site will be filled with all kinds of interesting data regarding LAVA. History will mix here with up to date news. So, please, do return every now and then. In the meantime I would like to suggest to browse around a bit already. Use the tabs at the left for navigation. This welcome already offers you a few 'Team' pics. Just scroll down.

Please, note that this place is best viewed on PC and/or Laptop. Smartphones and/or iPads can, of course, be used. However, the corresponding browsers might mix some details.

Many thanks for your interest and visit. Hope to see you soon again!


Han Hijzelendoorn
Editor in Chief .... Cool

May 2014
Picture by Redlinefotografie / Zoetermeer

For detailed info regarding the current line-up, please, check their Biographies

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