John Mendels

1974                                                                                                                  2011

You might have noticed it already, John Mendels’ whereabouts at the start of his career can be found in the ‘History of LAVA’ section of this website. Okay (apart from the LAVA reunion concert) nowadays he isn’t so much involved with hard rock anymore. But his post-LAVA life did not laps without any excitement. Not at all!

In fact, John still is a great performer today! When LAVA ceased to exist, he gave up being a Rock Musician and opted for a professional career switch. He became very active, in multiple disciplines, and a real star within the entertainment industry. Starting from scratch once again, he founded (with Martin de Vreede/Drums and Anton Camijn/Keyboards) the band Flame. Apart from playing the bass guitar and taking care of vocals, he alternately handled the lead guitar. Later female vocalist Joke de Knecht came on board in order to strengthen Flame.

This formation toured The Netherlands with numerous well known Dutch top-artists for many,many years. Like LAVA, also Flame had to deal with various line-up changes. Anton Camijn was firstly replaced by Aad Dijkhuisen and later by Jacques van Egmond. Martin de Vreede stayed for 23 years!
Progressing technology is another reason for the current cast; John and his daughter Mandy are now Flame and they still can be admired on a stage somewhere weekly!

In parallel with his musical aspirations John Mendels became a well-known and popular Guitar/Bass guitar teacher. For years, John had to maintain a weekly list of 40 to be guided and tutored talents! André Geldrop (Shocking Blue) and Johan Witt (Ready to Play) were once among them.

Writing songs, on behalf of whoever needed his support, turned out to be another talent belonging to him. John himself even had a couple of ‘football’ (soccer) CD’s released on the Disky label. His ‘Road to Wembley’ sold over 200.000 copies!

In the middle of the eighties John and his beloved wife Ilse (who sadly passed away in March 2004) put a totally different act together. Today tens of thousands children only know him as Johnny Mendola, the musical Clown performing fabulous magic tricks!

John Mendels developed into a versatile professional artist. If he has raised your interest furthermore now and keen to learn more about him, please, feel free to check his website here.

May 2014