Photographer John Spitsbaard of Reds Agengy Photo Editing is part responsible for the great shots taken at the show in JJ Music House, dated 18 September 2015. Check their Facebook page here.

In May 2014, we went for a photo shoot to Fred Roland’s 'Redlinefotografie' studio’s. Fred is a great guy and artist. He is specialised in all kinds of glamour photography. But above all he is well known for his original approach and work regarding cultural events, stage scenes and numerous performers. Please, check his website here!

Joop van Nimwegen left LAVA pretty quickly. The successor of Leo Nagglas moved to 'Finch' after half a year. A Wiki link to Finch is to be found here.

Marcel van Vuren is a gifted photographer, mastering all kinds of disciplines. He shot a truckload of fantastic pictures of LAVA during the concert at JJ Music House in Zoetermeer on 12 May 2011. Have a look at the JJ Music House Gallery May 11th 2012. Even better; check out some of his artwork on his website. Don't forget to scroll his blog!

A reunion concert is, in principle, an once in a lifetime event. Consequently, no risks could be taken regarding video, sound and pictures. The first two had to be tackled by experienced engineers of the host venue. No problems to be expected in this area.
For the same reason, however, it was desirable to look for an experienced photographer. I was fortunate to have met Marc van Beelen, in a totally different setting, some time ago.
A few examples proofing his talent and skills can be found in the 'pictures' section (left on home page) or here.

He's much more then a great concert photographer. Have a glance at his website. It’s in Dutch, true, but it still worth to spend some time there. Sneak in here.

All individuals have/had a career after their respective LAVA era. Gerard Haitsma, for example, was successful with Bodine in the first half of the 80s. Although history isn't completely displayed confirm the truth in there, have a look in the Dutch Pop-encyclopaedia nonetheless (click here).

I will do my utmost to have them informed about the real happenings in due course. However, first things first. Having to speak some LAVA language over the coming weeks has priority for the time being.

Update - 24 March 2011

Well, well, well.... in the meantime, November 2010, Jan Riemersma has started a wonderful Bodine Tribute site. Go and have a look here.

Like John Mendels, also Willem de Jong hangs around at parties every now and then. Please, click here to have a look at his website.

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